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About Us


Born out of a culmination of love, a recipe passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me, and my husband, Matt’s “sweet” nickname, in February 2017, Sweety’s Kake was born.


My vision is to build a brand that becomes a household favorite across the country, and one day, around the world.


There’s something special about pound cake. It's classic, yet delicate and when prepared just right, it can be exquisitely gratifying. I put my heart into each Made-to-Order pound cake I bake as I meticulously ensure each has its own special attention. I've had several people say, "I don't like pound cake" but that’s before they’ve tasted one from Sweety's Kake. 


We offer a wide range of flavors including: Vanilla Bean, Caramel and Strawberry Lemonade to name just a few.  I use only fresh & natural ingredients with touches of creativity, which help keep this brand unique.


There were always great cakes created in my family’s kitchen starting with Miss Emma, my grandmother, and then passed to Ma Thelma, my mother, who is now my angelic inspiration. I vow to continue this legacy of extraordinary women with every Sweety’s Kake I bake.


If unconditional love had a taste… it would be Sweety’s Kake!

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